Policy Principles

My political starting point is that for Britain to regain its self-respect and optimism about the future, in a phrase – to get our country back – two fundamental beliefs need to be established in the minds of people at all levels of society.

Firstly, the only way to steer our country out of the dreadful economic mess which successive governments have brought about, is to give absolute priority to producing the goods and services which the world wants and will pay for. Everyone will have to be engaged to achieve this result.

Secondly, to become a happy and confident nation again, we need to replace the mindset which defers automatically to minority groups, by one which takes a proportionate pride in what our country has achieved over a tremendous span of time – thirteen centuries – in literature, the arts, science, engineering, exploration, and on the battlefield – and to take inspiration for the future from these things.

To start along this road, there are five steps we should take now:

  1. Replace the 20th century “make-do-and-mend” approach to our economy by a set of long-term programmes for transport, energy supply, river and coastal protection, and above all for manufacture on which two-thirds of our exports depend: a 5% per year expansion of manufacture over ten years would eliminate our colossal trade deficit and create around one million skilled jobs.
  2. Put an end to mass immigration into our over-crowded country once and for all. This in itself will mean Britain leaving the European Union and repealing the Human Rights Act 1998 from which so many perverse decisions derive.
  3. Teach all our children our history in chronological sequence from Roman times to the present day with a proportionate, non-apologetic treatment of the British Empire and the Industrial Revolution.
  4. Remove all actual or implied race, gender and social class quotas and preferences from the education system, our employment laws, advertisements and official documents of all kinds. Abolish the equality and diversity quangos which depend on them. Cease publishing official documents in foreign languages.
  5. Recognise that for someone of working age, not having a job is the greatest social deprivation of all and that other things being equal, British citizens must receive preference in job applications.