About Stephen Bush

Stephen Bush, Emeritus Professor of Process Engineering  in the University of Manchester and Managing Director of Prosyma Research in Bury St Edmunds  lives in Thurston with his wife, Gillian. He is UKIP’s national spokesman on Business, Energy, Enterprise and Skills and is author of the major UKIP policy paper, “Produce and Prosper”, which among other measures sets out the way to rebuild our manufacturing industries and expand the number of skilled jobs in the economy.

Prof Bush is a life-long opponent of Britain’s membership of the European Union, of mass immigration and the ideology of multiculturalism applied to Britain. He was vice Chairman of the Campaign for an Independent Britain during the 90’s when he led CIB’s successful opposition to the imposition of the europlug and its campaign against the abolition of the pound sterling. He is the owner and principal author of the political and economic affairs website, Britain Watch, where you can find more details about him.