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Prof. Bush answers questions from the public. Visitors are invited to use the “Any questions” box on the right to ask a question or continue the dialogue with comments against those already posed.

Immigration & leaving the EU (1)

Migration Watch has just reported that the vast bulk of net immigration into this country has come from outside the EU, so why the huge emphasis on leaving the EU as a cure for the [...]

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UK Government’s bail-out of banks (0)

How did the Government bail out the banks – did they take shares in them or was it by some other means?
David Staff

Prof says . . .

1          In the case of Northern Rock, the Government [...]

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A 50% Increase in Manufacture (0)

Your leaflets describe a 50% expansion in manufacturing. How do you intend to achieve this?
Jack Harris

Prof says . . .
I should like to refer you to the UKIP Main Policy Paper “Produce and Prosper, which [...]

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Eliminating the Deficit (0)

Can you publish the detailed estimates of the way to eliminate the £170 Billion deficit according to UKIP’s policies?
James May

Prof says . . .

How has this deficit come about?
In 2009/10 the government estimates it will [...]

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Southwold and District Election Questions (0)

Question 1
What will you be able to do to help:
a) the maintenance of the sea defences of the area;
b) the number of oil tankers sitting just off shore;
c) the viability of Southwold as a community [...]

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Nuclear Waste (0)

My wife and I are concerned about the disposal of nuclear waste. In the event of more nuclear power stations in the UK, are we going to leave our descendants with a mountain of waste? [...]

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Liberty’s Asylum Pledge (0)

Will you sign the Asylum Pledge being promoted by Liberty?
Dr G S Mead

Prof says . . .
The UN Convention on the Status of Refugees 1951 requires asylum seekers to apply to the safe country [...]

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Wildlife and UKIP (0)

Question 1
How will UKIP support production and sustainable farming that delivers a countryside rich in wildlife?
Question 2
How will UKIP put nature at the heart of the way we use and manage our land?
Question 3
What is [...]

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Britain’s power to change the EU (0)

Can the British Government after the election work within the EU to change it for the better?
Martin Stephenson

Prof says . . .
Under the Lisbon Constitutional Treaty, apart from defence and foreign affairs, every major [...]

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Eliminating the huge deficit in our national finances (0)

Do you think the proposals of the Labour government, the LibDems and the Conservatives will be effective in eliminating the huge deficit in our national finances?  What would UKIP do?
Frederick May

Prof says . . .
The [...]

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