Introducing Professor Stephen Bush

You can meet Stephen Bush to discuss policies at any of a series of street events and public meetings in the constituency throughout March and April, ending on May 5th in Felixstowe. View right for dates, places and times.

In the video (right) Prof sets out his view that this election offers individual British people a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a fundamental decision about their futures:


to continue to support the discredited Lib-Lab-Con parties, paralysed with indecision about how to restore our public finances, rebuild our manufacturing, how to create skilled jobs and control immigration at a level acceptable to the British people;


to choose the men and women in UKIP with the knowledge and determination to reverse this tide of muddle, incompetence and spin.

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Election Result in Suffolk Coastal

The results were as follows:
Therese Coffey (Conservative) 25,475
Daisy Cooper (LibDem) 16,347
Adam Leeder (Labour) 8,812
Stephen Bush (UKIP) 3,156
Rachel Fulcher (Green) 1,103
The UKIP vote was 5.7% of the total vote, comfortably exceeding the 5% threshold to save [...]

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Immigration & leaving the EU

Migration Watch has just reported that the vast bulk of net immigration into this country has come from outside the EU, so why the huge emphasis on leaving the EU as a cure for the [...]

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General elections in Britain have nearly always been portrayed by politicians as of "decisive" importance - but arguably before 2010 only two since the war have made a decisive difference, 1945 and 1979.

Since 1945 Britain's economic and military strength relative to all its competitors has gone down with the major reversal in the mid 1980's as Mrs Thatcher, with much disapproval and pursed lips of senior figures in the Conservative Party, recovered the Falklands by force of arms, carried through a council housing privatisation programme and by carefully constructed trades union legislation, allowed business to manage again and the country to regain a measure of self-respect.

For the reasons given above 2010 does pose a real choice - between LibLabCon on the one hand and UKIP on the other.